A measurement automation system as a turnkey project


This project involved designing an automatic testing system according to customer requirements. The system accelerates the customer’s existing research and product development-related tests and enables the implementation of new testing systems. The tailored ADeTS entity required mechanics design for both vacuum technology and precision mechanics. System control and the graphic interface were implemented using the LabVIEW software.

Electronics design for a start-up company


ASRO provided the electronics design for a customer system based on indoor positioning. The critical design challenge in the application was the conductor and antenna paths for RF frequencies. One important issue resolved in cooperation with the customer was associated with the small size required for the circuit board and power consumption.

R&D competence for an underwater positioning system


ASRO supported a customer’s development work to implement an underwater positioning system. A key algorithm was improved in the early phase and efficiently implemented using the C language. Later, the development was also supported by connecting a third party’s Bluetooth device to the positioning system.

An industrial automation computer vision solution

ASRO brought new perspective to the development of a customer’s computer vision application. The new type of algorithm was based on applying methods used by ASRO in the customer’s problem-solving. A third party implemented the algorithms in this project.

Overall responsibility for FPGA design of a camera system

ASRO used an FPGA-based approach to design a camera system for data collection in a customer’s product development project. The FPGA collected a photo stream from several cameras, packaged the data and forwarded it.

Completion of product development for production

ASRO took overall responsibility for a customer’s product development project. ASRO continued the customer’s product development by taking responsibility for updating the software, developing electronics operations and developing the device towards the production phase.