Lunar Gateway / IDA & ERSA

The next generation of the EADs are currently under development for the Lunar Gateway, which is the planned space station for lunar orbit, and part of the Artemis program. ASRO is delivering EADs to the European Radiation Sensors Array (ERSA) and Internal Dosimeter Array (IDA) together with DLR. ERSA will be mounted outside and IDA inside of the Gateway.  

Artemis 1 / EAD

ESA Active Dosimeters (EADs) are radiation sensors used to map the radiation environment during spaceflight. ASRO developed and delivered five EADs for the Artemis 1 mission together with DLR. The EADs were mounted inside the Orion crew capsule, where they measured the radiation environment during the 25.5-day lunar flight.  

International Space Station / EuCPAD

The European Crew Personal Active Dosimeter (EuCPAD) project is a radiation monitoring, dosimetry and data storage system for the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). ASRO participated in the system design of the electronics (which were based on the PC-104 standard), including a graphic interface that utilizes a touch screen.