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Founded in 1999, ASRO is a research and design agency specialising in innovative technology development. As an expert in electronics, embedded systems and various measurement technologies, ASRO is a partner for its industrial customers by taking responsibility for agreed parts of the customer’s product development process or the entire process – from feasibility study to planning production.

Industrial companies have often gained a competitive edge for their product development projects by utilizing ASRO’s competence in areas such as measurement and data processing technologies, industrial automation, safety technology and positioning technologies.

The company has a lot of experience with demanding international space technology projects where it has participated in developing reliable and solutions for radiation measurement and camera systems, among others.

In addition to its own facilities and laboratory located in Turku, ASRO has access to clean rooms and versatile special laboratories via its extensive networks.

ASRO’s personnel consists of passionate technology developers and researchers who are constantly looking for new challenges in product development and research.