ASRO has a solid experience of carrying out various product development projects. At best, the phases of the product development process fit together seamlessly and provide clear savings in terms of time and money.

Technology surveys related to product development projects and trade-off studies for optimization of the technology selection are key services offered by ASRO.


ASRO offers competence for implementing industrial automation regardless of whether the project involves a single part of an entity, such as developing a computer vision algorithm for an existing instrument (reference 4) or an entire measurement automation system (reference 1). We can provide remotely controlled instruments or systems as well as embedded solutions. ASRO can also design the required electronics.


In safety technology, ASRO’s competence focuses on applications for monitoring radiation. Experience of small-scale and light radiation detectors and their readout electronics obtained in space projects (reference SIXS) provides interesting development opportunities for radiation monitoring on the ground.

The needs of safety and space technology converge when a high degree of reliability is required from instruments, and ASRO has experience with embedded systems where a high level of reliability is needed (reference EuCPAD).

ASRO has also done electronics design for a positioning-based alarm system.


In terms of measurement technology, ASRO can handle the entire data chain: from sensors and readout electronics to data processing and storage. When dealing with larger data streams, FPGA-based solutions can be used (reference GIGACAM), and real-time data analysis added if necessary.

We also make automatic measurement systems designed to meet the needs of a highly specialized customer (reference ADeTS).


With regard to positioning technology, we can offer traditional GPS-based solutions as well as our experience in developing electronic instruments and applications related to indoor positioning (reference 2) and underwater positioning (reference 3).


Data collection, analysis and storage is an extensive application field in which ASRO can offer diverse competence. Rapid processing of even large amounts of data can already be handled at the electronics level with FPGA-based solutions (references SIXS and 5). Heavier, non-time-critical analysis is performed with software using different algorithms or by developing new algorithms (reference Streakdet). Many space projects have provided ASRO with experience related to the reliability of data chain operations. ASRO’s competence also extends to algorithms related to photo analytics and computer vision.


Software programming and the related documentation can be ordered from ASRO as a separate project or as part of a larger development project. The software can be independent (references ADeTS and Streakdet) or part of an embedded system (reference EuCPAD). Our range of services also includes designing software databases.

Customer-centred project management

1. Proactive assessment

Feasibility study for the solution

– no resources invested before opportunities are specified

– specification of technical needs, achievable benefits, potential barriers and risks

– main guidelines for specifying technical requirements as well as recommendations with justification

2. Planning of implementation

Choices in order to find optimal implementation

– supplementing the overall need

– comparison of options and justification for recommendations

– comprehensive project plan with schedules

– specification of implementation tools and methods

3. Implementation

Efficient implementation

– agile methods

– documentation

– version management

– testing (hardware & software, embedded systems)

Proto or proto series