ASRO has extensive experience of international projects in which it has developed reliable space instruments and software to meet space technology requirements. The projects include many applications, from instruments for solar probes to terrestrial observation instruments and support functions. Many of the applications are related to particle radiation detectors, embedded systems and space debris observation.

ASRO’s space technology competence can be summarised as follows:

  • Design, manufacturing and testing of space-qualified electronics.
  • Radiation detectors and spectroscopy.
  • Space debris detection technology and methods.
  • Software and FPGA design.
  • Ground-support devices and the related software.
  • Ionizing radiation simulation with Geant4 software.

Check ourĀ referencesĀ for more information about the space projects that ASRO has participated in:
Space weather monitoring
Dosimeters for human spaceflight
Instruments for science missions
Space debris observation