ASRO has comprehensive electronics competence related to design, prototype manufacturing and testing. Important areas of expertise are the design and programming of programmable digital circuits (FPGAs, microcontrollers) as well as industrial internet IoT sensor technology. Key ECAD tools used in design include Altium Designer and Xilinx ISE software.


In addition to its diverse and extensive software and software language competence, ASRO has top-level expertise in selected software. They include: C/C++, Java and IDL. We also use the LabVIEW, PHP, Python and ADA programming languages. Documentation of the software we make is also an important area of expertise, as is database competence. A cooperation network extends ASRO’s own competence to areas such as PLC programming.


Hardware and software architecture design competence is manifest in the ability to functionally combine different systems. Designing operating systems (Linux, FreeRTOS), graphic interfaces and embedded systems are some of our key competence areas, as is the software architecture competence related to the systems. ASRO’s specialized competence areas related to space technology include designing satellite instruments, system testing and planning of testing.


Mechanics-related needs, such as CAD drawing, heat design, strength calculation and prototype machining, can be handled by ASRO and its networks.


Competence focusing on physics and other natural sciences as well as information technology is important at ASRO. This competence is reinforced by good links to the university network. Some ASRO employees work as teachers in the industry and in cooperation with international research projects. Examples of related competence areas are ionizing radiation, space physics, computer vision, algorithms and optics.


ASRO has a long history of coordinating international projects and working with funding applications. Project-style work is part of the daily routine at ASRO and we emphasize the importance of customer-centred project management. This means customers can be sure that their projects will progress as planned and that they will receive up-to-date information on all phases of the project development project.